Big George aka Big G

Remember stealing 50 cents to go buy Big G? Now meet Sir George Owino also known as Big George aka Big G, was the founder of Big G chewing gums. He was also the sole distributor of orbit chewing gums in Kenya and Chairman of Wrigley East Africa.

Big achievers in this republic are not recognised…never knew about these important guy before. He’s never mentioned anywhere in our history books,fuckers cannot even name road after him but can name a road after that busy body,good for nothing old fat.

Tuwekee mwenye Gomba gums. Vijana wanashikisha muguka nayo

Wewe ni mototo wa 1993 kama ulipata Big G zikiuzwa moja Sumuni.

With 50 Cents tulikuwa tunanunua Biscuits za House Of Manji, Marie 2 packs had 5 pieces each. Sweets za Patco na Koo zilikuwa Mbili for 10 Cents

Hii ndiyo portrait yafaa kuanikwa ndani ya kila jaba baze.