How does the blue economy fall under the manufacturing pillar of the Big Four Plan ???

Manufacturer of blue bold/balls.

Blue economy encompasses a lot of activities geared towards our water bodies, including ship yards (find some time and read on southern engineering company, I think @Meria Mata once did a thread about them, msaidie na link ) we have offshore gas that will need to be serviced, floating fishing factories etc

Digital technology through digital revolution thus ensuring growth ,thereby transforming the lives of the people through expansion of manufacturing, affordable housing, food security, and universal health care.,as tabled ,hence driving access to information, better financing, stronger training for health workers,agriculturist and, ultimately, broader access to services. Blue here being manual workers, particularly in industry,they being the back bone of the economy

big four by Uhuru ni ujinga tu. looting avenue. but nobody cares. yesterday they killed Evans Njoroge