Big bucks thru betting

Can someone make some considerable cash by staking high on top leagues…if so how…then what are those tricks across leagues that are instrumental in betting-gg,ng,ov 2.5,3.5,un 5.5…


You can never win with betting. WALK AWAY TODAY

The only safe type of betting is masturbetting.

In betting, the house always wins in the long run. As @Slave 0wner said, walk away now while you can. Actually run.

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I once made 440k at once.


Simply multibet and fluke.

Betting has good returns you need to have a strategy

How much had you placed/staked?

Which strategy do you employ?

Multibet 6 teams- team to win and both team to score inakuanga na 2.00+ odds combine multibet ya 6 teams itakupea some good odds stake 1000.(nimekosa screenshot)
Ukitaka kula poa stop betting on small odds focus on 2+ odds utakula poa.
Focus pia on draw, am an expert in predicting draw games.
Also asian handicap huwa na odds mzuri sana

Wazi alafu hua unabetia site gani-odibet au betika

Sahizi Betting sites zote kenyan ni za upuzi. 40% tax ni ujinga

here’s a secret your wasting your money on this games do you think the cabal would pass a chance to brain wash an estimated audience of 4.7 billion eye balls.

na kuna watu hubet bibi yake :smiley: ati man u wakishinda nalala na gunia upuss!


So you don’t bet anymore

…and lost it at once.

Of course you can make millions and millions. Just keep betting hehe. No worries if you lose it all, you just gotta keep trying until you make it hehehe. It will happen if you do it long enough.

I withdrew zote once…niko na akili kijana