Big brother drama

So when Uganda’s BBA
representative broke her bed on
Tuesday -October 7th 2014 , everyone
in the house wondered why…?
Now everyone has an answer as to
why the bed broke as she took the
BBA house in gaps yesterday after
revealing that she m@sturb @tes
thrice every week.
Yes Uganda’ s Big Brother Africa
representative Esther Akankwasa
m@sturbat3s thrice weekly .
The beautiful Esther Akankwasa left
her fellow housemates in
astonishment when she revealed
that she is the best m@sturb @ting
champion the house has ever seen.
On the contrary of being linked with
several men in Uganda ’s capital –
Kampala, the lad said that she
doesn’t like guys playing with her
and for this very reason she decided
to become a m@sturb @ting
champion to herself at her own
convenience .
Since then Esther has won the
House’ attention as all the BBA
Hotshots camera are focused on her
to make sure that VIP viewers do not
miss any of her m@sturb @tion

Hiyo VIP access inapatikana aje?

weh james ota tu huwezi pata ww

Si wabadilishe jina tu waiite “BIG BROTHEL” because thats what it is.