Big Boy League!

The U.S. debt to China is $1.2 trillion as of November 2017. That’s 19 percent of the $6.3 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries.
In 2016, China was by far the world’s leading exporter, exporting goods valued at a total of $1,990,000,000,000 USD in the year. To put this in perspective, consider how much the rest of the top five exporters shipped to international markets in the same year.
So my friends my guess is in f10 years china will be past USA self proclaimed superpower.
This is not healthy at all

very healthy

Its very healthy. Industry and manufacturing maketh a Super Power. It is inevitable

Exports in billion U.S. dollars
China 2,098.16
United States 1,454.61
Germany 1,339.65
Japan 644.93
Netherlands 569.71
Hong Kong, China. 516.73
France 501.26
Korea, Republic of. 495.43
Italy. 461.52
United Kingdom. 409.4
Kenya 5.69
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Compare China and the, UK “ati home of the premier league” What Chinese exported last year pekee UK watafikia a similar amount 2022.
Na vumbistan je,?

Unless wewe ni brainwashed US shittyzen sisi we dont care if South Korea is the superpower or China is

Why is it not healthy?

The relationship between the US and China is mutual, with the US having an Upper hand. China does well when the US is doing well, as witnessed in 2008.

I believe uncle Sam is fcuked both ways… Drump making tax cuts only add up to the debt, then the fighting of everyone in terms of trade agreements here a miracle needs to happen.
Then we have the democrats who like giving free shiet to everyone( not working), both sides of the coin can’t solve the issue.
I believe in how the Scandinavia countries work tax people more(reduce debt), don’t give free shiet for nothing and everything will fall in place.

I’m not ignorant
What do you think would happen if Chinese currency ingekuwa Global currency kama Dollar??
It would affect our external debt na most probably tudefault loans

scandinavia countries ndo gani


  1. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and sometimes Finland, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands.
  2. Also called Scandinavian Peninsula. the peninsula consisting of Norway and Sweden.

These countries give a lot of free things from education (higher education) to health care, things which can bankrupt you in the U.S.

Yeah and US citizens will be trying to copy the lives of Chinese movie stars and athletes.

Yes but that is wholly compensated on the tax remitted… When people here tax increase can’t wait to see you out of office.

Pia huko kuna Dalai Lama

its scandinavian

At least their taxes work for them. But kuna some immigrants who know how to milk the welfare system, and no prizes for guessing where they come from.

I ran my own small republic within the borders of the larger republic. If I can employ myself then I am responsible enough to run my own borders.

It’s healthy for Africa and developing nations when China and USA check mate each other,otherwise one might gain upper hand and start doing whatever it pleases,right now USA is a military power supported by NATO and many allies and controls world bodies e.g. UN etc but China is an economic power, the world owes them a lot of debts, they do a lot of manufacturing for the world and Chinese citizens own a lot of assets globally, real estate,bonds etc.If US had military and economic power they could be assassinating, pulling economic sabotage and blockades and threatening states that do not do their bidding

Please explain.