Biden throws a punch at Trump. And it connects !


Biden will win only if he walks into the American " villages"! Iowa is a village by my statistical standard!

George H. Bush (41) - Republican - took the US to the first Gulf War. US economy was in tatters. Record unemployment. He once went to the supermarket when campaigning and had never seen the product scanner at the checkout counter and asked, “what is that”?

One term president.

Bill Clinton (42) - Democrat - comes in to clean up Bush 41’s mess. The US for the first time cuts its budget deficit and has a surplus. The greatest economy in modern American history.

Enter George W. Bush (43) - Republican - takes America back to war. In Iraq (weapons of mass destruction) and Afghanistan (after 9/11 - majority of the terrorists were Saudis not Afghanistans). America’s longest foreign war in history. The world experiences the economic collapse towards the end of second term.

Enter Barack Obama (44) - Democrat - walks into a recession. Restarts the rebuilding effort. Saves the American auto industry. Unemployment starts to plummet during his second term. The recovery.

Donald J. Trump (45) a.k.a Orange man - trade wars, ignores intelligence reports, disbands the National Security Council on Pandemics. Alas. Corona virus that has taken many lives, devastated businesses, livelihoods worldwide.

You get the drift. Your bet is as good as mine on who will enter to clean up the mess if history is anything to go by.

Why is it that it is Republican presidents are the one that always mess it up and it takes Democratic presidents to always clean up their mess?

November is not too far away. Let’s bookmark this for posterity.

Democrats are throwing punch after punch.

Finish him Joe! Finish the clown.

Wah. The first sentence:D:D That’s a serious upper cut right there.
Finish him Cuomo! Maliza yeye prisss.

Every time I hear drumpf saying words like “working very hard”, najua tu ni pure bullshit

I would like this 100 times if I had that ability. Umesema ukweli kabisa.

I agree with you on bill cliton but you have decided to omit the evils commited by Obama adminstration across the world, he did worse in equal measure. They are all the same whether democrats and republicans. Obama was blood thirsty smooth spoken hypocrite. Trump is an angel if you compare hom to Obama

Trust me. The ripple effects of this Corona virus have yet to be felt. You just wait. Time is a teacher, by the end on next month let’s revisit this post and see if your sentiments will still hold.

If only Trump, and in equal measure Konyagi 1 had been pragmatic and acted early. That’s what leadership is all about.

No leader is flawless, neither did I say or insinuate that Obama fitted that bill.

Here are a few things I think Obama would have handled better :
-Not mocking corona and listen to advisers
-Not trying to reopen the economy coz of pressure from your capitalistic friends
-Not being a big buffoon who takes rants to Twitter

Those are the ones that pop up without even thinking about it.

I think you mean Trump. I’m no fun of his.

Every American president has committed evils at home and abroad. If you believe Trump is better than Obama in any measure it means you’re most likely an idiot.

Naah, I meant drumpf. Obama did none of this nonsense.

After karomo has finished Trump. Tupatane pale Commons bahati I finish u.

Obama’s administration depleted N95 masks from the National Stockpile and he didn’t even bother to replenish. But you’ll never hear a peep from the leftist media.

When Trump blocked flights from China they called him racist. Italy even had a “Hug a Chinese day” in Feb because they felt so bad for the Chinese after Trump’s “racist” declaration. The rest is history…

You hate Trump and seem to worship the gày loving and àbortionist advocates in the name of Democrats. Don’t worry, November is just a few months away. Trump is coming back for the second term

but trump has been president 3.5yrs, he should have bought some n95 by now surely mmmh?

In which epidemic did Obama deplete N-95s on? Please stop it with this “leftist media” BS. Unless you’re talking of Daily Kos or Pacifica Network. Your “leftist” media denied the leftist candidates Bernie/Warren any coverage.
Don’t get your talking points from Trump please he’s dumber than a dung beetle

This is way above your pay grade.

It takes one to know one and I don’t match wits with pedophiles like you.

Mbwa shoga meffi wewe