Biden loses his cool

Flip flop


Does it mean he can’t make different observations based on new data?

Wait. So a sitting president isn’t allowed to change his position even if informed by new evidence?

I know Tanzania’s Suluhu is next on your chopping board.

So people who are vaccinated are still getting Covid?

New data, my foot. He knew about the variants but went ahead and gave people a false option between vaccines or staying masked up. People signed up for the vaccine so they never had to wear masks again. As “President,” and one year down the line, he should know better than overpromising because all this flip flopping screams incompetence.
It all started with “2 weeks to flatten the curve,” then we waited for the vaccine which was hailed as the key to getting us back to normal. Today July 2021 it’s official that we are back to square one. Now they’re talking about mandating the vaccine including booster shots as well as masking up forever.

They’re not only catching but also transmitting it, just like the unvaxxed.

But for the vaccinated, is it life-threatening compared to the unvaxxed?

No, just mild symptoms.

Biden ni mzee mjinga. Juzi niliona akikula magosheee kama @digi ki.hii.

Daktari umeona unianzie.

Only position that has never changed since the beginning. The pandemic is a scam. 18 months later and there’s no new evidence to prove otherwise…just models, statistics, probabilities, chance, likelihood, ratios, scales, and percentages.

Are you lonely?

I’d go with this any day - just don’t give me the moron who suggested we inject with chlorox:meffi::meffi: