Bible theory

Soo today i sat up on my desk and something hit me the bible are stories of ufoz upductions before u kill me or say nigger u going to hell think about it the burning bush mary misterious pregnancy plagues all this are ET stuff
So this ET come on earth and toke a few sherpards and gave the power and told them dont worship any other God except him/her (we may not knw his gender) and he give moses a stick that turns water into blood mee
Mind blowing right our saviour is actual a hybrid of ET and mary shit this thing get more existing as i think off it
Thats my take whats urs

@Deorro ni wapi naweza download English subtitles ya hii post?

Careful son. The last religious war here brought out @Lucifer @God and other celestial beings. Mere mortals could only watch.

But end of the day they are ailens to us

Ok look at this way dinosaur are way old than adam and even right bt there is no mention of this creatures in the bible zero

You forgot when the earth was drowned by Noah, where did the black people come from then? If Lucifer was the most decorated angel and second in command, how come then he’s always portrayed in black? Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart when he could have softened it in the very first day? Why are the chosen ones already known; as 144 from each of the 12 tribes? Why curse witches in church sermons when we can pray for them to change? Bla bla bla bla…

I finally found the one! @Chloe aki nakuoa!

Mambo ya ndoa hautawezana nayo. I am always 50/50 in matters of religion and non-religion.

Take your time and actually read the Bible. You’ll learn a thing or two; you don’t have to believe - just read.

I find women more religious than men.

Like that part where Jehovah/Yahweh tells Israelites to kill all males of a certain town, kill all non virgin women and take the virgins for wives?

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart in order for his mighty miracles to be seen. But then again we blame Pharaoh for holding the Israelites? Damn this thing is always so confusing.

I wonder why HE is also hardening our very own phaRAO here? What’s the game plan Mighty God?

I agree with you. Yes, the bible is just a collection hekayas by different authors

Evidence ni MP4 format? Ama CCTV footage

Mchoma Kuchoma utaambiwa choma pole pole. watu wengine hawapendi hiyo maswali unauliza…


I find it funny when you don’t believe those events, yet (i think) you believe that Africans, Jews, and other minorities were colonised for years - with the same treatment (killing, raping, grabbing land etc.)

I wish we would be alive 2,000 years from today to see what history (or possibly an updated Bible) would say about world wars and colonialism of this and the past centuries.

How now?

I’m in love !

Ngai! Eti phaRAO!

Na Quran je? Ni hekaya pia?