Bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone


Nothing graphic here mkubwa. Nice punishment.

Meh. So does it negate the fact that she also got nailed? If your wife is getting nailed, your problem isn’t your wife

Hii ni afadhali.Kuna ingine ili happen Meru.Jamaa alipatikana na bibi ya mwenyewe.Maze they hammered three nails kwa kisogo where the neck inashikana na head.The guy remained alive but in serious pain.The nails couldn’t be removed.He was taken to a local hospital and referred to Kenyatta.He slowly slipped into a coma and died before the nails could be removed surgically.

I remember one time jah akiambia eve asipande mti flani ju its a no go zone…well…

I do not encourage people to go smashing other people’s wives. However, if your wife gets nailed, the problem is her, not the nigga who got slices. This is simple and straightforward logic that the average testosterone filled African ape cannot understand. Ukiambia mtu amekuliwa bibi shida ni bibi yake hatataka kuamini. Sijui ni kama wanaume wengi huwa hawana akili ama ni nini. They take out their frustrations on the third party (fisi) instead of the person who betrayed them (whoring wife). This is why women keep winning…because they don’t face any consequences after cheating.

Angeokoka hangekuwa in this situation.

Imagine she gets chewed, then you end up in jail for some bullshit “crime of passion” and while you’re there ukichuniswa she’s still getting eaten. That’s what a total loss sounds like to me. Better to realize you married a garden tool and move on

Exactly. That guy can/should sue the married man who inflicted those injuries and ensure that he is jailed. Akiwa jela aendelee kukamua slices sasa with the niceness.

i didn’t realise ni both hands

The smart thing is to avoid married women altogether. Ama if u have to unakulia several towns over. Imagine u are killed or end up with a deformity over some married woman. Hata huyo jamaa akienda jela u will have lost too. It’s human nature, u invade another man’s territory u may not walk away. That does not mean u absolve the woman of the deed either.

Married women don’t have labels. Ama unadhani kuna mwanamke atakwambia ameolewa kama anakutaka??

It’s the woman’s fault. Hurting a boy child si poa. However, if It’s a man you know you can even kill him.

People take this bullshit of bibi ya mtu ni sumu very far and in the process harm harmless parties forgetting bibi ni over 18 and has the right state of mind with freedom of choice. Iko omera hapa county alikua anakula wife ya mwenzake but according to sijui clan chieth hio beta male was an uncle to him hence the wife an aunt. Sasa iko siku jamaa akafumaniwa kwa lodging na wife ya said uncle (sic), wajaka waliwapiga wote yes but jamaa alipigwa hadi akaji kunia. Time ali wachwa hata kutembea ni shida na ni tao in full glare of the public, hakuna msee anaeza ambia wajaluo kitu saa hio. Jamaa alipotea for quite sometime akiuguza majeraha hadi time alipona. worst of all ile ghaseer ilikua inamlima proper ni next door neighbor pale job. Nli apa mimi shit kama hio nki survive I will hunt you down one after the other. Kitaeleweka!

Bro, unless u are fucking alley cats u will get an idea if a woman is hitched or not.

I concur. If you find your wife even red-handed in bed with another man, it means that she moved her feelings from you long time ago. So it means that the problem is either her or you, not the guy nailing her. Though itakuuma sana, it’s wisest to let her go. No need to hurt or kill anyone.

The opinions in this thread is exhibit #7894337 of why Africa will never progress.
Next step is for this neanderthal to blame uchawi for his wife cheating and that’s one more person who deserves a brutal lynching according to Africans.

Old story and had nothing to do with infidelity.

:D:D:D:D:D…1) You can’t tame a wild bird 2)To ruin your life because of a wild bird is a stupid idea .3) Mgtow =Freedom.

Then he’ll get of jail on some technicality as usual hardened and ready to smash your ass… akitoka this time atashona hizo makende back stitch na achomelee kwa mkundu na wielding machine. Cycle continues until he kills you. Just keep off. Kwanza hawa maboys wamenyamaza wanakaa masoftie ogopa kabisa mabibi zao.