Bibi Ya Mtu 4

Bibi Ya Mtu 4 :

They say that the Fobidden Fruit is the Sweetest …
Just make sure that you NEVER get caught … ??? :D:p





Boss, this is like the 99th time you’re posting this lady, inebaki tu moja ifike 100. Wacha ukombamwiko


Wacha Rexxghasia a.wank na khupipi khwa wenyewe

Rexumbwa you need to grow up takataka wewe

Wanking is for little boys like you …
Us “Beef Eaters” go for the REAL thing …:smiley:

Rapesubwaa wacha ujinga fwaken

Huyu unampa MTORI… yetoo!!!

Someone is obsessed with this woman. Posting her pics weekly.

English Idiom :

“…The Proof of the Pudding is in the Tasting …” :smiley:

Why are you promoting adultery on this forum? How would your father feel if your mother was paraded here?

What does YOUR father feel about your rabid posts here demeaning other peoples Mothers , Wives , Sisters and Daughters …???
Bure Kabisa …

I don’t post people’s wives or mothers the way you do.

RexxUmbwa leta nudes zake

But you have no qualms about endlessly viewing , insulting , exposing and shaming them here daily …

As if somehow , that is a lesser Sin …

As someone very famous once said …
“…First remove the Log out of thine own Eye…”

Still Bure Kabisa …