Biashara ya mbuzi ?

Next week will be heading to nanyuki n see how the bandits sell those goats , a big goat over there is kshs 2,500 to 3k… Ikifika Nairobi Ni kshs 6k-9k… Can someone with experience tell me the challenges before I venture …

Venture then come narrate to us dos and don’ts
Good luck

…eti … “big goat over there is kshs 2,500 to 3k”

utalia na mcoondu

i wish ningekua na capital poa cud have jumped into that business, there is a gud profit on that mbuzi business

'ni how much?

Good biz but your price for a mbuzi in nanyuki is not realistic … for Nairobi a good he-goat can fetch even 15k (depending on season)

How is the market?
Assuming that you have ferried them, utazipeleka wapi?

That is way too far. Next week kwanza pitia Tala on a Tuesday or a Friday (Market Days) or Isinya.
Vile jua limewaka you will get a good goat at 5K.
Ilete Nairobi uuze nyama and you make kindu 10K. the only issue ni kuzichinja.

You are right on the Market days in Tala, but saa nyingine utapata ‘inbred goats especially in Tala’ that may not have the right ‘size’ for the market you want to sell to… Vizuri uangalie na uchague (especially in Isinya, Kajiado, Illbissil, NF counties - Garissa, etc - Galla Goats) kwa makini ili upate kitu kizuri for the market…

Ukitaka mbuzi cheap enda marsabit

Don’t be cheated my friend. A big goat in Laikipia/Isiolo/Samburu goes for no less than 7k nowadays. Upon reaching Nairobi the price doubles. Hiyo unasema labda ni mtoto wa mbuzi.