Bhang for BBI, Blue Moon for Dry Frying Older Women HKM, Man Stuns Court

A matatu conductor on Tuesday stunned the court when he confessed that he smokes bhang and drinks alcohol so as to understand the BBI better.

Wycliffe Orinda told Justice Martha Mutuku that when he smokes bhang and drinks alcohol, he feels like he is in a journey towards Canaan and passing the BBI.

“When i smoke bhang… or drink alcohol i feel great. I feel like i am on the journey to Canaan and to pass the BBI document,” said Ondari.

Orinda had been arrested and arraigned in court for allegedly causing chaos at his wife’s workplace at Revlon Plaza.

He also stated that alcohol especially Blue Moon has helped him see older women as sexy and very beautiful.

Orinda allegedly committed the offence on Monday at Revlon Plaza in Nairobi.

“Bhang and alcohol make me see older women beautiful. If it were not for blue ice, I wouldn’t have got the courage to approach my wife Caroline,” said Orinda.

“My wife Caroline is older than me, i pursued her when i was high because alcohol and bhang gave me the courage,” he narrated.

Blue Moon bado ziko kweli?

Blaming satan over vices has become such a clichè.The boy murderer blamed it on some tv programme .this is going to be an interesting year


Na ndiyo imeanza imagine!

Don’t blame Satan please.

Watu wajifunze kuheshimu Satan.

Ghasia ya mwanaume.