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This story is a continuation of First time at SJ series…

There is a question that i have always myself for a long time. 'Mbona mtu hutamani kitu Sana but after hitting it you are like. Kumbe ni kitu iko down hivi i have been chasing for a long time. I had experienced that feeling the first time after kumaliza high school. There is this kachic known as Karimi, she was the daughter of the village doctor and oh boy was she hot?. Karimi was the true definition of natural beauty not only by village standards but by urban standards, she attended a school known as Kyeni girls somewhere in Embu county. Man Si P.O box ya huko ilikuwa in my finger tips due to the number of numerous love letters i had sent to that school. I was to be highly frustrated during the Christmas eve when i organized with a friend named Warutere that tukandanganye tunatembelea Warutere kwa simba yake then angejifanya amepata unavoidable shughuli atuache pamoja. Everything went well as planned and the perfect thing is that there was no one else in the home except Warutere. His kin had visited some relatives in Nkubu for Christmas. No sooner had he left that i went straight to action. I held her silky smooth hair and looked her deep into her eyes in a way i could see my reflection inside her pupils. She looked down shyly. I followed her eyes and my eyes rested on her lips. I saw her rub her lips together as if to lubricate them. I pulled her up and my lips touched hers. We couldn’t wait any second and went straight into a deep passionate kiss.

I had waited for this chance for 6 months and it had to be the best. She was quite a great and romantic kisser though the challenge was a funny metallic taste she had in her saliva. Nevertheless we kissed, kissed and kissed. I unstrapped to find a perfect twin of boobies which i sucked like a starved infant. Josto was all this time throbbing like it gonna burst any time soon. After 20 minutes of passionate kissing and sucking it was my chance to unleash the garden of pleasure. She was dressed in a greyish tight jeans. I had once or twice in the 20 minutes passed my hand over the hot mound of pleasure, i unbuttoned the jeans and slowly inserted my middle finger feeling a very moist and hot lipped coomer. I teased the clit by rubbing the tip of my finger around it. I then pushed the finger gently till it was almost half in i then pulled it up only for the room to be filled with a strong odour of fermented milk. Sorry spoilt milk. Apparently apart from the smell of sewage pipes that occasionally burst this was one of the worst smell i had encountered. From this point on my josto immediately returned to the balls cavity and I felt cheated. I felt so much hatred for karimi. How could she? How could she smell like that on our first date? How could a beautiful girl like that neglect herself to that extent?. I felt very bitter (came to learn that she had a fungal infection).

This is the feeling i felt for right eye however nice she pretended to be to me. On leaving the room another whore with an ass a half was doing make up beside a mirror on the wall. She was wearing a white skirt that only covered the ass to the point where the ass hole is located.On seeing me she pretended to pick something from her bag and her whole ass was in my whole view. Why do men get very beautiful girls and nice asses immediately they come from fucking.? I have experienced the same in several instances… Beside her a couple made of two fat people was complaining how the they had waited for long. The occupants of the next room had spent more than the allowed 20 minutes. As i stood there washing my hands i heard a noisy of wood breaking and something hitting the ground with a thud. Apparently the couple that had spent more than their allowed time had broken the bed. I saw the janitor rush there and knocked on the door to the point of breaking it. I couldn’t wait for the ensuing drama because i couldn’t afford to be seen there by someone who knew me.

This time i tried as much as i can to avoid the corridor where pussy smell leaked like gas. Instead i passed through the main bar where to get to our hall was a struggle due to the huge number of people there. Most couples were dancing bend over where the lady just bend and guys were rubbing their groins on the asses. This particular place looked like sodom. I finally got to the hall and Mickey was flanked by both momo and laptop. In a way he had calmed lap top because the way she was holding him was suggesting. She was in cold war for me. She looked at me zile za madharau. Mickey whispered to me that she was in her ninth black ice. Momo was in her Fifth and Mickey was now worried that cash was now depleting. I asked for two tuskers for myself and two for Mickey. Laptop also requested for two black ice and it was at this time that our cash was finished. Our cash how? He still had my 3500. We had to do a man to man and he told me apparently he had spent my money to pay for the drinks as he only had 1500 with him. I demanded he had to do whatever he had to because there is no way we would buy all those drinks for the whores and not climb them mercilessly.

He saw the seriousness in my tone and he remembered he had a KCB atm after seeing a kcb sign board just opposite (at kencom). It was now 12.45am. He dashed outside while i remained inside with the two. I could only do a random chit chat with momo because laptop was still in cold war with me. Momo told me that my friend is very handsome and that she wanted him badly for the night…Its after ordering for laptop two more black ice which Mickey was to pay that she eased up. At this point she was on her 12th black ice and sober like a judge. They planted their thighs on mine as they praised how rich my friend and me seemed. All i could do is smell danger…

To be continued


This story only continued due to public demand. Otherwise ilikuwa imeisha at First time at SJ part 3

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Hekaya za kaka sungura.

What public demand?As far as I know only 2 villagers egged you on.The rest were unconcerned with the fairy tale.

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That’s noted. Hiyo story imekomea hapo basi

That metallic taste was blood boss.

i got shocked for that. Sijawahi ona mwingine with that kind of taste

Jaribu next time ukijikata na kisu kunyonya ile damu itatoka hapo.

blood contains iron

Daddy, weka ata picha ya Warutere tuamini

picha ya kyeni girls pia

@Leo Mwangih Hebu nitumie continuation ya hii hekaya kama wengine hawataki.

@mundunyee, i will organize for you

wapi sketch ya akiwa daughter wa village doctor