Bezos….., Cheessos! Where's he gonna stop?

[SIZE=7]Jeff Bezos personally dumps a truckload of dirt on FedEx’s future[/SIZE]
Lucas Matney
@lucasmtny / 6 hours ago

Amazon want to be plenty of things, the most predictable of which is its ambition to control America’s shipping backbone. The company’s efforts to bring users whatever they desire in 24 hours requires movements by land, air and sea.
Today, the company broke ground on expanding its airborne ambitions, breaking ground on a three million square-foot Prime Air airport outside Cincinnati (in Kentucky). In case the optics of three million square feet is lost on you, it’s essentially a parking garage for a 100 cargo jets. Amazon doesn’t even have that many jets yet, but the hub is a housing for the company’s grand logistics ambitions.
Per Bezos’ tweet, Amazon is investing $1.5 billion in this effort. The company says the hub will create 2,000 jobs.
Like most ground breaking events, it was a ceremonial affair with a lot of pomp and photo-ops. CEO Jeff Bezos himself made a surprise appearance, jumping into the driver’s seat of a front-end loader and dropping some dirt onto an already hefty pile.
The optics were also clear that Amazon is adding salt to the wound as it moves to take down the country’s logistics kings like FedExand UPS.
Even as Amazon looks to add new regional Prime Air hubs in Texas and Ohio this year, it’s clear the tech giant still has a lot of ground to make up. Amazon has a few dozen planes flying several hundred flights per week while UPS and Fedex have hundreds of planes flying thousands of flights.
One thing that’s certain, Amazon is encroaching on the core businesses of FedEx and UPS while it doesn’t quite seem like Amazon is in any danger of the opposite coming true.

Rapid expansion… It’s never good for any business…


Since coca cola do soo well… They start diversifying into other business… Unapata kuna…

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I pity u .u don’t see what he is going.he is building his own shipping line instead of relying on the government posta which trump has tried to frustrate him with.

ati alilipa bibi yake alimony ya pesa ngapi @Soprano

Conglomerates kama Toyota

Wewe wacha tu! Itakupatia kizunguzungu, Msee!

When you have so much revenue, the next step is to keep as much of it in-house instead of shipping it out to 3rd party service providers.
Prime Air was founded back in 2015 and this is not new news.

They are not entering FeDex market. They just want to conduct their business in-house and away from Fedex and the rest.
They are also building a drone system for deliveries.
But I don’t believe they have expressed interest in entering the general logistics business like Fedex. In short, Amazon Air will be delivering for Amazon only.
Also, Amazon will still need the Postal services for last mile deliveries, to the door step.

That’s how AWS started as an in-house product, sasa hata microsoft na google wameshindwa kuwatoa kwa cloud dominance.

Bias corrected. Amazon becomes a new competitor.

GM did this like in the 1950s and they are still doing well.
Samsung has
The largest Ship construction company on Earth
Manufactures tanks and weapons
Has a hospital
Issues Credit cards
Toyota makes cars .It also
Build pipelines
owns factories that make things like home appliances and air conditoners
Has a shipping company
is in real estate(in the town called Toyota)
and issues credit cards as well as provides automotive financing.