Beyond Zero at work

The beyond Zero facility in attendance at Nithi bridge yesterday after a Sunbird bus heading to Nairobi from Meru plugged into the river

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weka picha visuri boss

Whats fuckin wrong with this place?
btw. This place needs restructuring and rerouting ata kama ni cantilever bridge. By the time you are done going down the hill you can always smell the brakes almost catching fire.
In Moi’s time, when he was a god and people were really stupid they claimed that the professor from sacho kept his djins under the bridge and they had to occasionally feed.

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At the time the road was built, I think they just followed the path of least resistance. The alternative would have been to either build a suspension bridge above the valley or drill through the rock to make a tunnel.

Suspension bridge inakuwanga kali. Inaweza span for more than a kilometre without support at all exept for the twin cables. Its probably beyond our paygrade though. A shorter one near the base of such valleys and others in riftvalley would save life. We also need a suspension bridge at mombasa. it would span the distance there easily and provide a six or a eight lane + footpath bridge.