Beyond momos and dry fry there is space time

Who cares about thought provoking theories like Space and time. Reading this with a hardon

Most of it is theoretical, right? I’m taking about black holes and time travel.
I’m a big fanatic of everything to do with space. My Google alerts is set for news of the red planet.

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Black holes are interesting, especially how they swallow up dead stars. I wonder if NASA and other space agencies have captured stars dying, that can take aeons though.

Since the topic is space n time I’ll ask all, do you believe man really landed on the moon? I used to believe it until I found some very compelling arguments in another web forum I subscribe to that it was all a cold-war lie

An alien (millions of light years away) watching our planet using a telescope is actually watching the dinosaurs roaming the earth!


interesting lecture. makes one think hard and hope to God that there is God.

@Owuadn man landed on moon.there are volunteers for a one way mission to mars. Subb a reddit sub called space too.Sorry for guys bringing religion in a scientific discussion.

With time, I have realised that humans are not the center of the universe and that they are just a sideshow just like ants in one corner of a village. their opinion, ambitions and plight are just not important to machinations of the colossal universe. The sun alone, is three hundred and thirty thousand times heavier than earth despite being mostly made up of gas. The sun is 1.3 million times larger than earth by volume. However the sun is a small size star(not very small though). Even so, by human perception standards the planet earth is still a colossal object, a ball that is twelve thousand kilometres across(diameter not circumference) and made of dense metal and other material inside. Mchanga iko hapa tu juu so dunia sio ya mchanga(soil and sand) as most would imagine.

the first landing of the moon wasa FAKE photoshopped sucks… kuna hacker alihack some years ago and found alot of documents about aliens and UFOs visiting the earth…
saddly alishikwa

But I just never get two concepts:

  1. Start of time. What was happening before time?
  2. End of the universe. What do you see 1 m after the end of the universe?

And I also wonder what is the ultimate fate of this universe. Will it last forever? And if forever, mpaka lini?

I do not deny governments sometimes have conspiracies and things to hide.
However, there nothing like fake moon landings. There is no secret of 500,000 people who were involved in the project. Further, there were four or five moon landings in the following five years so the 1969 one isnt unique as people want to make it look. Technologies used for all the landings and even one aborted journey are largely the same so you cant argue that NASA developed a superior technology later for moon landing. Everybody, including the competing archenemy russian(Soviet) government were tracking the progress and the journey itself and never claimed any foul play. Equipment left there and the flag and footprints are still there and are viewed by all sorts of equipment belonging to other powers.

This fake landing story came up with christians and flat earth society who still want to say that the eath is the centre of the universe and that it is flat. Those fake landing documentaries are made by fanatical christians.

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Black holes, nutrinos,higgs bosom etc etc makes me feel so small

sasa imekua mambo ya religioin tena…
though the story is some how true… but about the landing mbona shadows zao hua hazionekani!!!

Time is not is not linear and therefore does not have a starting point and end point as you imagine. One basic assumption people have of time is that it is directional. That it is a vector quantity and that it moves forward in some way. Rotation of the earth is the culprit for this illusion. Time doesnt go in any direction. time is a dimension like breadth, width and height. It is the fourth dimension because all physical quantities exist within four dimensions one which is time. That is why some physicists will argue that it is possible to determine future events as well as access history realtime because they all exist within the same fabric, and that what is needed is the technology. Secondly all matter/energy within the unverse is contained in the space-time fabric and remains constant at all time. Even after death no physical quantity is lost or created. However, just like gravity, time is still not well understood and only parts of it have been mathematically resolved. Its a weird dimension that we have not exhaustively determined. Note that even the other three dimensions have not been exhaustively determined. For example, if you have a stick that is infinitely long, how would it look like? OR to show the inadequacy of understanding our own mathematical constructions: What is the greatest(maximum) number in the decimal number system(1, 3, 4, 5,…1,000,000 …)? OR if you are at the edge of the unverse, and you extend a walking stick, where would the stick go since space is a part of the universe? Remember you are also made up of space because at any one time you are in space time fabric.

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Very scary…seems too weird to be true

Its true. Christians, even when presented with scientific evidence will remain steadfast in their beliefs and claims. After all how will people believe your story if you keep changing? Moon is not earth. Shadows are not replicated in the same way. The earth is a large brightt object while on the moon(several times larger than you see the moon from here). remember there are no clouds. The place has luminous dust. and the sun is also shining there These things plus light from their equipment made inconsistent shadows or none.

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@Village elder . Wewe post vizuri man. Alafu point out the problem. Most of my long paragraphs are typed very quickly and are susceptible to errors(Typo). After all am not writing a book.

Hii forum ya Xenforo… sorry Deoro nakataa kutuma reply yangu isokey isorait. WhereWasI? Nilikuwa nasema @Ingia saingine tumia oswayo kama kingresa nakataa sssassawa?

Wacha mi napatia wewe eksapt uone maali sida naingilia

while on the moon(several timeslarger than you see the moon from here). remember there are no clouds.

“The earth is a large brightt object while on the moon(several times larger than you see the moon from here). remember there are no clouds”.

That is the full sentence. English has its semantics. Anybody with a D in O-level English should be able to decipher that. there are issues with the other sentences though.