Bey T or Tanasha

This chick called Bey T has been giving Tanasha donna some sleepless nights, is she a hit or a miss.[ATTACH=full]245906[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]245907[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]245908[/ATTACH]

Pussy is pussy we don’t care, NEXT!


Case closed.

It’s not about punani but music, both have released good jams recently.

Punany first. Mziki mimi husikiza Franco Luambo Makiadi

Sawa mdau.

Bey T is actually dope tanasha has not really impressed me yet.

I like her song called wololo, she has a nice vibe.

She for sure has a great laidback kenyan vibe.

Wololo is probably my least favourite song of hers my favourite song of hers is FaceTime. She can go really far she has all what you need to be really huge ako na flow, style, delivery and she is quite pretty all that has to come together for her to be big and she got it.

Tanasha is a bimbo… Bey T could use with being more upbeat and not so bored looking and kick that monotone she sings in.

Huyu Bey T ako na ngoma poa ka fuck,Tanasha ni vile ashaajimarket.
I’d still hit it raw.

Bey t has several nice songs and a tight 20 year old Ethiopian pussyyy

Who are these people? and Why should we be discussing them?

Beautiful chicks with nice voices.

I never knew she was Ethiopian.

Yes she is ethiopian she actually went to school with my young sister apparently she wasnt liked by other girls at the school.

I’m not surprised she wasn’t liked, which school is that.

Loreto msongari.

Why surprised. Female are jealous of of each other.