Beware of this conmen..

Hi, there is this man by the name
Fred who is conning innocent
jobless Kenyan youths.
He asks them to give Sh. 1,500 as
registration in order to do the
adverts with Uwezo funds then his
other colleague who poses as a
camera person takes photo and
receives the money.
They ask for your email address
then they promise people that the
adverts will be shot on Sunday.
Come Sunday they send SMS to
their victims saying that there is a
slight delay and that they will
communicate on a later date of
which they don’t do. Those who
nag them with constant calls are
The “broker” Fred uses the
no.0788132729 or 0720912527. The
camera man’s no.0714795995 and
so far 45 youths have been conned.

mbona upatie mtu pesa bure, juu amekupromise kitu?

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si kila mtu ni mwerevu…wengine wako hapo tu…