Beware of Eazzy Banking App New Charges (Equity Customers)

Sending money via Equity’s Eazzy Banking App to other Equity Bank accounts now attracts a flat fee of ksh 30.00

However if you use your equitel line (sim toolkit app), its free to send money

Be aware, save money

Hapa tumeshikwa. I am used to the android app. Simcard sjui nlipeleka wapi but sasa itabidi niitafte

na pia kwanini walinyonga *247# waache ujanja

Stupid cowards now I have to carry another simcard

Meffi move. Never bothered with their line

Today i applied for the Equitel line and was given some form to fill, kupeleka naambiwa eti signature iko wrong, tried again nikaambiwa same thing. Asked them why they cannot use the biometric option for verification and she gave me some vague answer, nilimwambia achukue form yake anirudishie mia yangu niende

Business is getting tough, brace yourselves

Kumbuka the signature you used to open account. They just look for similarities

I usually use the equitel line to move money from one of my accounts to the other and then use the app to send to mpesa because it is cheaper than using the sim card.

Hiyo Equitel Line sitaitumia, iko tu kwa wallet as evidence that I have ndio wasinisumbue! Equity should focus on one thing: Banking. Upuuuusss.