Betty the Bear Builder needs advice

Ladies even if you are a single mother of 10. Never and I repeat NEVER build a bear ever. Even if you are a trillionaire like China. Yaani you have learnt nothing from Keitany wa Linturi? Utarukwa kipetero kiYesu. @Purple come advice this one. Sorry wong number. You are in the same boat. Wah!!! God really cursed women.


From admins wall

Hi admi hide my identity please,lam a lady l got a permanent job 2019 after tarmacking and much frustration, in 2020 l saved some money l started a side hustle which generates amount half my salary to make ends meet, and have a much better life, being single for long and being a mother of one l met this guy he is good character wise and very humble though Hana (got nothing) any. Thinking to settle with him down, so av decided to save this year l buy a plot near their ancestral land by Dec we build a good permanent house and put up an investment for him which l know after two years of patience will bring roughly 40k in their area, “believing its God who provides for families and can choose whoever he can use to provide through” am l thinking soberly or confused… Sober advice kindly…


This kind of arrangements always end in premium tears. That man will ‘jump’ you like nobody’s business. He will end up marrying another and they will live in that house. Confirm from previous posts in this group

You are confused as fuck. Relationship made by the effort of the woman never last. I don’t know why. I haven’t seen any or heard of one. Please, focus on yourself. Buy land where you feel fit for yourself. Develop in your name. Support him where you can but do not take any lead on the relationship by deciding to buy or build on his place or putting him business or whatever. Let him do his manly duty and allow him to be a man. Otherwise you are doomed end. Don’t be desperate. Nyi ni wale hukuliwa ndani ya mfuko kama njugu

Your going crazy infact your mad … your very desperate do projects with your money let him hustle like other men…Mumu…

He is with you now because he got nothing. He will use your investments to pay dowry and marry a girl of his dreams . In short you’re confused as fuck

Maybe you can start by building the toilet in which you will cry in coz ‘utalilia kwa choo’

Wome never learn. You are not his parent. You should be thinking about investing in your child and yourself. We are waiting to advise you five years from now.

Humbwer malair tuckertucker wewe @TrumanCapote

Shoga ikiamua kujipea advice

But Keitany was coming in as a cowife. She know Lunturi had a wife.

He cheated her he’s divorcing

But he wasn’t divorced. Keitanny wasn’t that dumb. He slept in her house 2 days a week. Where did he sleep the other days.

Boss where are you getting your info, do you have more info about sleeping arrangements than Keitany lawyer dunstan Omari? The guy had arrears in rent of 200k, after Keitany cleared it, he moved in with her. He is a senator for meru so he can not be in Nairobi through out. The man has like 6 wives but he showed Keitany proof of divorce proceedings. It’s only after she built him houses that he said she was a homeless friend and it was him assisting her with a place to stay.

My info is from the trial. They were set up by people in Parliament. Surely you can’t tell me nobody warned her. She was ok with being a cowife. Like always she got jealous when she probably found him with a new one.

The guy bared her from a house she built with her own money that was the root of the problem

It is for the man to provide, especially housing and other permanent things… let her put her money in shares, stocks, treasury bonds… etc… and let the man ‘man’ up… it is common sense…

Why did she shut him out?

For Linturi, the one who know him say that his affinity for money is worse than Nigerians…

He put everything in his name and then threw her out, this started after community elders warned him that he would not be reelected if he did not get rid of Keitany after the house administrator died under mysterious circumstances thought to have been killed by Keitany for having affair with Linturi. The case is not as simple as you think. It has several intrigues, from maize money, to murder, to property wrangles.

He only marries loaded women who he then cons. All 5 of his wives have been through similar issues like Keitany