betty kyallo wins big


Betty’s body is slowing turning to shit, five years from now shell be wearing kitenges.

Leso kwako. However I really dislike that Betty, and all gold diggers. Desperately trying to stay relevant. Thinks that she’s popular in her own right. She’s only popular coz she works in the media, period!

Who gives a furk

Betty alisahau hips

Huddah whore it better

Hapa sio museum. Hatutaki wanyanya wazee.

how dare you compare huddah Na land whale.

Haki sii Betty amechapa na sii kwa ubaya. By next year she will have turned into a caterpillar.

Kichwa ya Betty is a third of the body

:D:DEnyewe uyo mkamba amehit wall anakaa pokoste wa goodhope …round kama tank ya roto

Enyewe watu wa @Kodiaga wanakuwanga idle

Kwani amekuwa analift weights… hizo mkono zinakaa zineweza weka msedes on chokehold.

Mashida ya kutumia pills sana

Anakaa box ya cereal

no, she did not wear it better, how else would she have wore it? hata akivaa gunia on that fine ass, the gunia will look good on her. betty did not wear it badly either, its simply her body shape. so the question should be who has the shape not who wore better. Betty is not bad either, in the absence of Betty, i would smash her and pour even bone marrow. she can gerrit

See my meal. [ATTACH=full]289080[/ATTACH]

Could you kindly ask her to move, I’m trying to see that gorgeous German black beauty behind her tasteless sense of fashion

Umeffi thread…:meffi::meffi::meffi:

Tasteless, its you who has no taste bro.