Betty Bayos reaction after seeing his husband on tv

The wife of controversial pastor,
Victor Kanyari, Betty Bayo, on
Tuesday said she fainted when
she saw her husband touching
other women’s breasts at the
church’s pulpit.
In an exclusive interview with one
of the local dailies, Betty Bayo,
who is a popular Kikuyu
musician, said she was shocked to
see her husband caressing other
women in front of church faithful.
“I fainted. I couldn’t believe it.
When I am with him, 95 per cent
of his talk is about church and
the gospel.”
She also said she will not divorce
Kanyari because of the scandal
but she will consult God to give
her guidance.
On Sunday KTN’s Mohamed Ali
and John Alan Namu released an
expose showing how Pastor
Kanyari uses lies to siphon cash
from his church members.
The shocking expose even showed
how Kanyari caresses gullible
women who go to his church for
prayers and miracles.