There were days when I used to bet. I must admit that I had a good run. Until Ramadhan came, and I stopped. Never returned, though I am often tempted.

Betting is haram

I am reminded of this when I think of yesterday. Popular matches went contrary to expectations. Barca lost, Man U drew, Arsenal almost lost, Man City lost. … Bayern, Napoli, Dortmund, real madrid.

I can imagine the losses. Being an end month, I am certain that ‘investors’ staked high. Back when I used to be in TLS’s group, a day like yesterday would be marked with tears.

Ye should work towards quiting betting

I eat my own sweat. Direct translation.

@Guru let me save you?

Jana yenyewe gamblers tumeoneshwa moshi

iyo ya ass n all jo

atletico, juve, man u…ksh 3000.
Napoli…tott …all OV25…ksh 1200
shalke…Mainz…Roma…Barca…all GGs…ksh 800.

Its funny that some people think everyone should follow their perspective. unawashwa na nini na doh si zako.

hehehe bahati mbaya msee