Betting sites zifungwe/ regulated

do you support hizi betting sites kufungwa/ regulated…? Personally i do…they are taking away the youths
…its just my opinion and you?

Zisifungwe. Wacha peasants wakamuliwe until they learn. Mimi huwa sihurumii mtu anashinda mjengo siku mzima anaenda kuwekelea bet. Wangesoma statistics wangejua betting ni a losing game in the long run. For every Ogada, there are millions of losers. MTU anashinda mjengo ama kudandia mat halafu jioni anawekelea game ya arsenal kichwa siwes hurumia.

The probability of loosing is always high…

The probability of losing is always high

Actually, the probability of winning is higher than that of losing. The problem is that when you win, you win small. When you lose, you lose everything. In reality, there are many winners than losers (bila kuhesabu multibets). Lakini hao winners odds ni 1.16. But when they lose wanalose kila kitu. If there were more losers than winners, peasants would stop betting.
So you have most people winning 16% and a significant few losing 100%. Ukiuliza an average gambler akuonyeshe history utaona he wins more often than he loses. But he wins small and loses everything so total ni negative.

Laleni arch…

Mimi hulala mchana Village Sponsor.

What is the real problem with betting in Kenya? Betting companies are carting away the equivalent of what we get as foreign remittances, which ranks among the highest foreign exchange earners. This is a stupid way to loose one’s forex reserves. It is depressing to see idiots, some in bike helmets, give away forex that would go a long way to relieve pressure on the local currency.The problem would not be as serious if this money remained and circulated in the local economy. Second, the foregone expenditure of close to 240 billion in the local economy goes to depress consumption. This has contributed to the difficult economic environment currently being witnessed in the country.

tuko bet365 Kent stop the flow

I said and i will say it again,the govt will launch a government owned betting company just before the premier league kicks off and before one is registered they will be forced to acquire a huduma number. Gava haiwezi kubali pesa kama hii ipotele tuu hivyo,

Williamhill ain’t accepting PayPal deposits

Siyo kila mtu alisoma stats…[SIZE=1]halafu[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]kichwa[/SIZE] ni [SIZE=1]nini[/SIZE]?

I am the happiest. Juzi I passed by a Betin shop on my way to lunch hour fellowship nikapata the place is being demolished. Karibu nisimame hapo nianze kuimba ni nani kama wewe bwana, nani kama wewe ninasema hakuna kama wewe, Bwana wa mabwana.

Hapo pa huduma ni overreach but one of the senior parasites in government kuna venye watafungua a betting company ama watalazimisha sportpesa na betin wawapatie shares hapo.

Huduma number is stretching it…but expect new “compliant” betting companies that will edge out the old timers like Sportspesa.

Wewe ni oria fake. Arabs don’t bet coz it’s [SIZE=7]haram.[/SIZE]

sportpesa paybill numbers have been closed from safaricom only but airtell is working,have already done my betting.use airtell.i even spoke to the egents and they told me to go ahead and bet.

It is time for Airtel Money to grab the opportunity and rise

This comment is very underrated