Betting sites that ask for address before withdrawal

Hi guys,
Hizi site zinaulizia bills showing your address for account verification ni tricky. Siku hizi you do not get bills showing addresses. How do you guys go about this? Kuna zile site za Skrill deposits ambazo haziulizi?

Kwani wanataka kukumurika waku expose

No try bet365 they ask for that

Mozart bet iko poa

For account verification you can use your bank statement,just make sure it is recent(not more than three months old) and it is stamped and signed by the bank. The thing about this online wallets and websites is that they will never bother to ask for your identity when you are depositing money there. The problem arises when you are withdrawing money,this time they will ask you for all manner and kind of ID documents. You have to be very careful especially if you are dealing with large amounts of money.

I easily verified mine on I used my bank statement and ID and was good to go…Once umepeana hizi dettails livechat them tell them address system ya kenya si kama ya UK

Umeweza kuwithdraw anything? I tried uploading mine and id also but bado siko verified. Was your bank statement stamped?

it’s KYC, it’s a legal requirements. there’s no way around it

No it wasn’t nimewithdraw several times

If you have a Bank Statement and ID then you can easily get verified. Just upload the ID and the utility bill watareject ati ohh cjui the address is bla bla bla… At this point ingia live chat waachapie the address captuured kwa utility bill is the postal address and not the physical address. Tell him how things happen huku. Kama imekushinda ingia inbox na chai nikusaidie