Betting on Casinos

Just a quick one, I have noticed that many Kenyans hawabet on casino games like Blackjack or Baccarat. I enjoy them and even make money from them but naona wasee wengi wako futaa tu.

Is it because they don’t like the games ama Wakenya tunapenda football sana? #justasking

Do casinos have chairs?

maybe amekuja na kiti yake naona anaitwa kings

Some do :smiling_face:

Hahaha! Most likely. But these days kuna online casinos on many sites

I prefer knowing how i lost my bet than on some random computer program…

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Na hii research yako ulifanya lini? Mkiwa na nani? Funded by who? Commishened by who? Released by who? Verified by who?

FYI, as you correctly put it, there r many online betting sites.

So, its outrightly wrong to conclude that Kenyans don’t play in them.
Personally I know of ppl who bet online, n not for soccer only.

So. The courts have decided.
KETI PALEEE=======>>>>

Because you have come nicely, I will spare you.

Welcome to ktalk. You’ll enjoy it here.

Meanwhile casinos siwessingia. Never have, never will. I’d rather bet by phone.

Casinos ni kama phone booth it got overtaken by time.

I can get that. Actually I wouldn’t try the automation program. But as I said there are live casinos that have pretty good games like betin

Thank you for your honest response. Much appreciated!

I also don’t trust the algorithm behind the online/phone stuff. It’ll be rigged to make you lose.

Afadhali Sports where the game backfires na ni kitu unaona.

. Very funny anology. But I will politely beg to differ. There are some old things that seem never to get overtaken by time and I believe Casinos especially the online ones are reinventing the notion

You could just ask “Which other ways are available to lose money quickly?”

I meant the physical ones

Ukweli usemwe, sometimes I feel like comp has made sure I lost

Aaah!! Right. I get you now

I apologise if I’ve offended you. I agree, labda my thoughts that Kenyans do not play was a bit presumptuous. Pole :smiling_face:

Have never set my foot in one but I like watching the L. Vegas gambling life, Casino cheats, robbers and the guys who beat the system by default or design and thanks very much to that Locksmith, Dennis Niklasch who had enough of the peasantry and decided to be unlocking high end tokens and not just iron and brass shiit. I also long for that day I will hack the bookies and place a Virgin bet even with 75 mins of play.