Betting: Euro Qualifications

Wales are pure shit with giggs as the manager they lack everything to win this match. Slovenia are not so good but for sure they will edge out wales.

Netherlands have quality in their team and for sure they will harmer N. Ireland like burukenge. The dutches need to win this game as they sit third in the group.

Motherland Russia will definitely win this, at home Russia are very strong with four back to back wins the only defeat came from Belgium… Scotland are pure gobshite they will need a miracle to get something from the match.

Austria has assembled a very decent squad with the likes of david alaba, Marko Arnautović, Marcel Sabitzer and many players coming from bundesliga. Isreal will sneak one in but at the end of the night the Bavarians will be laughing.

Cc @Duke of Busia

International friendly games …
Holstein Kiel and OV 2.5 inaniangusha

Wazi bradhe

Nilikuwa nimepea brazil win & ov 2.5 ikaisha 1-1

Hizo ma international achana nazo players wako country duty

Woi sjawekelea this week coz I knew ni international lakini thanks. Slovenia ama Slovakia

Woi sjawekelea this week coz I knew ni international lakini thanks. Slovenia ama Slovakia



Russia wamekutoa

Tough night but profit made

Hivi ndio nimeshinda leo.

Netherlands vs N. Ireland . Over 2.5 win

Croatia vs Hungary . Over 2.5 win

Ausria vs Israel .Over 2.5 win

Belgium vs San Marino . Tip 1 win

Latvia - Poland . Over 2.5 win

Bet placed 20€

Winning return : 240€.


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