Better call Saul.

Better jump on this series before the episodes pile up. Worth it! Directed by Breaking Bad’s director it promises much. (Good news for Breaking Bad orphans.) Michael Mando (Far-cry 3’s Vaas), in there just to make things interesting. :smiley:

is skinny p also going to be in this one,

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not yet. wait and see. apparently they want the show to have its own identity. ata Jesse hatokelezei…

Nitadoea wifi ya jirani leo ni download

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[ATTACH=full]1394[/ATTACH] If he is not featuring, I ain’t watching.

Kama hakuna skylar pamba hataangalia hio kitu.

hehee. mtajiju.
@pamba skyler may appear.

@Mundu Mulosi Gus hayuko first season (which has been shot all of it). tutegee tuone

someni hii

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btw @Mundu Mulosi kumbe unapenda Giancarlo Esposito too? Loved his acting kwa Revolution. so sad iliisha(cancelled)

Yeah, I watched revolution too.

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The world of series is ever growing i must say finding a good series is very hard when you get one its like quenching thirst it gets you so addicted such that when it ends you are let high and dry…i watched the season finale of breaking bad late into the night( 0340hrs to be precise) i couldnt get sleep for the remaining hrs of the night! Anyway the following morning i consulted my movie guy and he recommended sons of anarchy must say its slowly picking up ( just about to start sn3) other series i have watched and loved in the past

  1. Elementary upto sn 3
  2. Banshee sn 2
  3. Crossing borders sn 2
    4.last resort cancelled
  4. Breakout kings sn 1
  5. Missing cancelled
    7.mob doctor cancelled
  6. Tyrant
    6 crisis
  7. Hostages
  8. The oc (back in high school)
  9. Gang related
  10. 24,prison break,schrubs,( back in the day)

The list is endless I prefer series to movies because they keep one glued to the screen so much mpaka hata mtu anasahau kupika always going for take away !

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I will add you a few, Dexter(Eight Seasons), Homeland, The Bridge, Scandal, The Haves and The Havenots.

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I have watched homeland upto sn 4 but it got boring after sn2 another series that i loved so much was rescue me i watched it till the grand finale i identify more with tommy’s drinking problem and the mess in his life!


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No this is the real tommy gavin

@imei2012 series are good until they get cancelled, then leave you hanging. was mad when they cancelled Ringer,The Event, Revolution and Hostages and even ingine ilikua inakaa supernatural inajiita Dresden. Kwanza the event na revolution ziliniuma mbaya. kwa hostages at least waliresolve ikaisha poa (ssn1e15).

na uchangamkie Banshee already tuko ep7 kwa ssn3.

PB and Dexter were my favorite. but finale ya Dexter was crap. am niaje @Mundu Mulosi ?

What! Homeland Vile ilinipamba? How Nicholas Brody managed to fool everybody.

I never know the criteria that studios use to cancel them but like rat holes you cancel one three pop up elsewhere…as for banshee id rather iishe ndio ninue the complete season rather than staying anxious(sp) for a week inorder to fetch another episode atleast thats my view
for those into political drama try house of cards( about to start season3)

Homeland ilikua poa ikianza but later it was just full of sh*t

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Hakuna series iliuma kama revolution…

Mimi Crisis na Traveller.