Some men are surely breaking the bro code without a care in this world. My wife works for a company where she heads a department. So there is a guy who transacts business with the company and my wife is her contact. One time when we were out with my lady, he saw us, approached us and we shared a table for some few minutes thereby we got to know each other and exchanged contacts. Some few weeks later, the guy invited my wife for a ‘business dinner’ and my wife rightly informed me. However, he made me suspicious since he asked her whether she was available upto 8am the following day. My wife thought she was joking thus didn’t take it seriously. Therefore I gave them the benefit of doubt there being no other previous incident. What happened at the dinner shocked me to the core. The dude wanted to sleep with my wife and take her to trips abroad. So I was left wondering why a man would want to break another man’s home even after getting to know the man of that home. Isn’t that courting death?It’s not right! I have never slept with a married woman in my whole life because of the respect I’ve for people’s families. Men, let’s desist from breaking each others homes. Can you imagine all the investment; dowry, wedding, rent for a bigger house, family contributions etc all going to waste. No wonder sane people are driven to kill by that bullshit.

Pole kwa masaibu but the person who will decide if they will sleep with the man is your wife not you .

Men of today don’t respect the Bro code. You should confront the nigga in the presence of both your wife and if possible his. Secondly, I dont beleive a grown ass woman didnt suspect what the nigga wanted. She probably ‘told’ you in case it went south. A nigga can’t be that bold without cause.

Hii ni rahisi, eliminate him venye Tuju alifanyia ile ghaseeer (aliuliwa kama brukenge), anakula bibi ya mtu alafu anajianika kwa main stream media

To make it worse, kudishi wife ya mse kwa nyumba yake… probably on tuju’s bed… very useless.

Sucks right?.. don’t wield a machete.
Be careful how you handle the situation.
But you need to ask yourself this did your wife drop that bomb on you because she doesn’t want any secret between you two or because she wanted to make you jealous?
What does your gut tell you?

So what happened?

@patohazard uko na ka umama fulani ka u beta male fulani that can be seen even though your narration…but vile @LeoK amesema bibi ndio kuamua…hata hio confidence hio burukenge ako nayo Ni Bibi yako amempea.

Your wife is the one in control of her goodies… She probably actually gave it out at some point… Only this time they disagreed over something… How do you allow a fisi to spend the night with your wife? And expect that he will not hit it? How naive are you? Again a lady has such hits SEVERAL times in a day wherever she goes… She knew a long time ago that the guy wantes her…

Your wife wants it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

‘My wife works for a company where she heads a department’ - this in corporate sector means ‘business lunch, dinner even breakfast’ i.e kukulwa na mwenye anafika bei even clients

Your wife might have gave it to this guy at some point na wakakosana so akaona akwambie orelse the guy hafiki bei. But there is a guy, several, wamefika bei

Give us the company tuende na biashara tukuletee evidence ya mpipi akiinama

Haha nyinyi watu mtatuma pato ajimalize banae

Hapa Bibi alipatia jamaa signs za kumpatia slices:D:D:D

ya true, vile dame hujibeba mbele yako ndo huwa inapea mtu guts to make next move…kama anachekesha chekesha mjamaa what do u expecti

Imagine uyo is just her colleague and seems ashamkula, bado hatujafikiria Kuhusu mdosi wa kampuni

:D:D:D:D… Married men expecting their employed wives to be loyal to them…:D:D:D:D

Buda, go read up on Briffault’s Law and you’ll understand why you’re fighting a losing battle. As long as she has a boss or clients, she’s the only one who’ll decide who gets to eat the cookie… She’ll use her cookie the same way she used it to get you to marry her… Her cookie her rules, sadly

As feminists say, her body her choice… She decides who eats the cookie…

Ever wonder, why rich men want stay-at-home wives sio these employed and empowered womens…Tafakari

Kunguru lazima apuruke

Fact! And I can confirm that all those women I used to work with used their cookie to rise… and most organizations are controlled by men who want the cookie…

Bro about women the rules are simple.

Mwanamke akiaanza kupenda mabuda, wazaae, she will love them till death.

Mwanamke akiaanza tabia za sponsors ata akosane na moja next atakua sponsor.

Mwanamke akipenda maBen10, kina jowie then atakua Ben10 tu.

Mwanamke wakupenda shamba boy, watchman atakuliwa tu na watchman wa hospitali.

Mwanamke akikua anakuliwa na colleagues and bosses, ata aende kazi Catholic Church atapea mafather na bishops ata Pope.

So yote tisa, ya KUMI, stay put wewe ndio unajua ulioa nani mtu wakupeana atapeana tu ata awe amefungwa kama Zero grazing.

Wewe ulishakuliwa bibi tayari. What kind of a beta male are you? Ati your wife goes to meet another man for dinner? Unajielewa wewe? Na bibi yako anakuambia tu. Amka wewe jamaa and be a man. Take your place and lead. You are too soft and too good from your narration.