Betrayal In The County

President Kenyatta has never visited Eldoret since the 2017 elections where he called on residents to give him a second term and he will hand over the mantle to Ruto.

Uhuru has really dissapointed me. I really didn’t expect him to be a betrayer. I guess power really is addictive and does corrupt

It’s the deep state, call it kiama or whatever.
They are the ones who determine what political direction the country will take.
Remember in 2007/08 during the PEV reports said Kibaki had at one time decided to step down and hand over to Raila but he was told by the shadowy group that he’s going nowhere.
That’s their work.

Will someone ever mention those in the shadowy group.Otherwise it is just a fertile imagination

At what point, did Uhuru make the decision to turn against Ruto ?

When Ruto outlived his usefulness in 2017 after elections. Hii maisha ni kutumiana my fren. There are no permanent friends in politricks.

Stop giving uhuru a pass, he makes the decisions he is the one leading anti Ruto charge

Not betrayal. Ni shiney smarts.


I fault Uhuru on one thing. That off giving Ruto too much space , in 2017 nominations. If Uhuru knew, what he had for Ruto, He would have manage the nominations in Mt. Kenya.
Making sure that, politicians opposed to the DP were in.

As soon as his second term was secured and the ‘family’ began to work on his weak moral fabric.

who are they kindly?

I don’t buy this deep state conspiracies. It is just used to excuse the selfishness of the leaders. even during Moi’s time , moi was a saint… it was RV mafias akina Biwott. During Kibaki’s it was some deep state mt. Kenya mafia… kibaki was a saint… and now apparently uhuru is a saint? not boarding

Me thinks that this is just an absurd imagination. Poor leadership is a consequence of a drunkard as the president, my opinion.

They gave WSR too much space then, or maybe the situation at hand demanded so.

Why does he need to visit?? Upusy ka ni development it can be done in any part of the country without the president visiting. Besides we should really be focusing on counties.

Moral fabric? heheheee…

Exactly. Why eldoret? Why not Dambala Falasha for example? Don’t Kenyans live there too?

The deep state is between a rock and a hard place. Raila must avenge what they did to his father. Ruto and Raila are cut from same clothe. Mudavadi cannot be President. Kalonzo has no spine. Moi akikufa Gideon ameisha

The Jubilee nominations’ first round was ABSOLUTE CHAOS!! It was going nowhere until William came and sorted out that mess because he is an organised man. Tuju and Konyagi couldn’t do shiet!
It ended well, and those who were trying to rig their way back in had the doors closed in their faces. And then they formed a group saying Ruto rigged them out. Yaani, one man, rigging out over 35 senior politicians…I mean come on… they were playing to the “garrerry”