Betpawa Jackpot bonuses

Round 2 WC jackpot bonuses

9 correct prediction = 3 bob each

10 correct predictions = 9 bob each

11 correct predictions = 100 bob each…

Sa mimi i missed 3 .

nimepewa 9 kes… imagine lesser than my stake…
That doesnt add up. Actually it translates to roughly more profit on their end.

:confused: i should have posted this thread in entertainment section.


Pole sana sledgenyundo

Kuna siku betyetu paid me 617 shs for 11 correct predictions, na karauri alilipa 34K for 11 correct predictions. When it comes to jackpots, sportpesa and Betin are kings. Hizi site zingingine ni za masufferer.

Exactly, and you have no way of verifying if at all 200 people won by a similar margin. Huko heri kuwekelea multi bet pekee, at least with that, if you happen to win, you definitely get it all. Jackpot ni mbili tu…

Betway pia wako na Jackpot poa

They have changed the winnings they have increased

Its even funnier because the minimum withdrawal for bet pawa is 200 kes.
Some dude pale FB actually staked 80 bob and won 9 bob. lol.

betpawa offers you 1m@ 10 bob…sportpesa 10 M @ 100…so dont expect bonus payouts to be same…in any case sportpesa wakioffer 10k for 10/13…betpawa will offer 1k…

Irony 10/13 was 20shs

that jackpot had too many winners…coz it had 8 surebets…hadi Eng vs Pnma

You guys are really lucky. I don’t know many people who have won a jackpot. I need Jackpot now, the casino I gamble in gives you a lot of chance to win a Jackpot, but I am probably the unluckiest person in the world… I never won a Jackpot, and I can use the money now. I won a few games of poker on pkv qq, but that’s it. I need to win big, so I can buy this thing I have been wanting for a long time. That Jackpot had a lot of winners, I wish I was participating… Anyway, I will not stop trying, Wish me luck people I surely need all the luck I can get!

found this The B 36th[/B] triangular rigged ?