Hello guys. Most of you have second thoughts about this Betin league. Punguza stress I’m here for you . Free account management as long as profits we split up. Inbox me for details on how to find me. Let’s get paid people

hehehe tafuta watoto undanganye…nimecheza io kitu for long na haina trick yoyote…its pure luck

why can’t you manage solely and eat alone


If you’re so sure then pay me first and we split the rest after otherwise what you’re doing is removing the risk away from yourself

Hauna extended family?Ama wote mpaka nyanya yako wamejoin Betin League?



umeona hapa kuna wajinga wengi sana?

Dare to post such effidense…sio yangu lakini

What happens to the losses?

Hii scam mmetoa telegram mkaleta kwa kijiji? chieth.


kwani nowadays hapo kwa turbo ;league huwezi bet bila pesa na iende kickoff

Dare anyone with basic html and css skills will do this:D:D:D nyinyi ndio huibiwa mchana… U just inspect that page and edit the codes

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