beta males everywhere

Everywhere I go I see beta males exposing themselves. Kunguru inakamuliwa na niggas inaranda randa alafu beta male inakam ku reward yeye akiwa 45 years old. Kunguru ishapitisha hata meno pause. Haiezi zaa.

Enyewe ni kubaya.

Because of that the wall is always defeated.

Tall mnyambo utaoa lini ?

Leta hekaya but hide actual names.

The wall is relentless and undefeated…beta males don’t count as the ultimate prize!!!

Leta hekaya but hide actual names.

uchuungu ni ya nini?

Betas are what these post-wall women settle for. Her real attraction lies with the alphas who ran through her in her early to mid-twenties. And if by some miracles she gets hit on by one of the guys, the beta will dropped faster than he can say “babe please.”