Has moved in with Kunguru Karen Nyamu who has seen who is who dicks in this city. Tupatie hio kijana inwashwa na pesa miaka ngapi afundishwe jiji na hypergamous women.

Ule Samidoh mmoja wa nyîmbo ama mwingine?

Must be.
Huyo Ka[SIZE=3]ren[/SIZE] Nyamu atampeleka mbio kama ile mwanamuziki mwenzake (Daddy Owen) alipekwa juzi.

Maybe it’s just a short time fling

They have a child together.

Mimi pia naweza mwaga ndani ya nyama yake huyo karen.

Hopefully, it won’t end up in Premium tears.

Kikuyu musician ukimwi ndio ina waua. Hawa wamama wa haria ni hatari. Kwanza hao ndio walipatia George wa njaro.

Samido has a wife and two kids, nothing that ever stopped a man from dry frying another female, but he has denied having a relationship with Nyamu…time will tell.

Huyo samido huwa nani? niliona Facebook page inajiita samido.

My party leader ameshapitia hapa na kuweka rubber stamp, for that reason I will not make further comment

Wanaume si mmevaa bra mapema!

Wimbo zake zote huwa za simping atafunzwa na dunia:D

kwani amewacha ile kienyeji yake walitoana nayo secondary school aka move in na kunguru sugu

…once the relationship enters the crisis stage, the kunguru will take off. This might happen after two years to be precise. At the moment they are in the first stage of the relationship that last between the time they fell for each other head over tits and the next six months…here the betachieth is blind and only think he has met the love of his life and he is the lucky man surviving.
Six months later, they will move to the next stage ya kuvimiliana. And he will be realistic after learning that kuma ni Ile Ile and she has a borehole for a pussy but betachieth ni Yule Yule…he will Google how he can help her tighten her pussy, encourage her to do kegels exercise etc etc
He will offer his best like a betachieth he is…To please a woman is his priority…he will fight for the relationship to work…the kunguru won’t try to do that as she will be eyeing some other betachieth showing some interest in her…the kunguru has obtained whatever she was after and see nothing of importance coming from the betachieth…once they enter the crisis phase…hapa the betachieth will happen to be going through challenges kiasi in life now that his raging hormones and mapenzi ya ujinga imeshuka shuka…hapa ni reality…he will realize kumbe kuma ni ile Ile…and will begin to lose interest in the kunguru…hapo kunguru itakua ishapiga hesabu za haraka and monkey branch to a new bigger beta deal…another betachieth, another daddy Owen, another otile brown…
Two years later betachieth will learn about ktalk, become a member, a village elder and love to hate @trumancapt’s threads and follow @mimi humwaga ndani and even know the price of getting puss Kwa bei nafuu courtesy of @cortedevoire…he will be flying the mgtow batallion flag and us the villagers will generously share with him the many class notes for revision purpose and even help him remember and recite some rules eg…kunguru hafugiki…etc etc

Go no further than our very own @poyoloko

Nonesense! False braggadocio doesn’t signify masculinity you fairy novice…What is wrong with talking about current affairs and calling out simps? Y’all paper ‘Alphas’ are getting irrelevant as fuck these days.

I’m also sure given a chance, you wouldn’t mind kumwaga ndani ya Samido just like @T.Vercetti likes to cum inside @tall mnyama everywhere and @poyoloko and @Sokwe mtu


hii up close wamama walikua wamemkufia vile he is very humble and a role model husband

It used to be Luo musicians, naona hawa wengine are catching up. Yeah hao wamama ni mwoto pasi sana.