Wadau any site i can stake above 1milion recommendations highly appreciated nadai kukamua muhindi weekend

Ur dreams are still valid

One million what? Ugandan Shillings?

Coming to your question, convert your Kes to USD/EUR and stake on European sites. Your one kamillion would come to $7900 or there about

Mesa yangu

Staking above $500 in most sites including European bookies raises a red flag. With that deposit you’ll be under intense scrutiny for potential limitation and closure.


Hio ni ya wapi

500 ni less bro maybe 50000

No prob if i get 3m its no big deal anyway

Unauza tips

Kuweka utaweka. Lakini uanze kushinda from some nondescript leagues kama KPL na zile za Eastern Europe unafungiwa haraka sana.

You can bet with upto 2.7M with 1xbet