Best Tyres and their prices. Size 15

Hello members, which is the best tyre to buy for my car in tems of durability and price. Size 15.


Petromax ama Linglong.

Pocket friendly ya mahustler

Pirelli kitu 9k each

Ceat ama Achilles.

Linglong hapana

Explain in Detail kwanini. And avoid using the word chinese (50 Marks)

Their propensity to punctures and loosing pressure implies inferior product quality

Questionable grip on the road for road spec tyres.

And yes effing Chinese

Linglong ni meffi kabisa. I bought them twice but I will never repeat that mistake.

Loosing pressure so suddenly
Swelling like they have boils
Possibility of tyre burst

Kwani umeamka mapema aje leo:D

Niko night shift. Natumia WiFi ya office

Michelin Primacy iko sawa,for mkulima mdogo ,or Continental conti sport contact tyres.

Dunlop or Apollo