Which is the best T.V to for for as far as sound,picture quality as well as price(cheap) is concerned.Or which is better than vitron

Pic quality =LG. Fancy features=samsung. Durability=Sony Cheap=China. Sound? Sema mambo mengine lakini tv haina sauti. HUJANUNUA TV JU YA SOUND, NI KAMA KUSEMA UNANUNUA GARI JU HAS THE BRIGHTEST HEADLIGHTS! Sauti ya tv pitisha kwa redio au hm theatre au reciever au whatever.


How much is “cheap”? For some folks, 50k is cheap, for others 20k or less is cheap. Value is subjective. No one size fits all. You’ll get decent sound from a cheap 3k 2.1 speaker system than from the a TV’s speakers! Check out Vision Plus and Syinix. I’ve only heard good things about Vision Plus, haven’t owned or seen one in action yet. I own a 32" Syinix though. I love its IPS display which gives a wide viewing angle. Its down firing speakers are pretty powerful too, with a few sound modes to choose from. The music mode really brings out the bass, but I still don’t rely on those speakers for anything, not even a boring political talk show. It also has a built-in satellite DVB-S receiver/decoder, although I prefer standalone HD decoders. Beware of TVs that don’t have auxiliary audio outputs, so connecting them to external sound systems is virtually impossible.

Whats your budget upewe suggestions

30k or below nipate size kubwa na quality as well…

look for tcl

nunua LG na hometheater usahau mambo ya sound quality.

Best tv ni pictures and durability and for that Samsung takes it all, my 2008 Samsung still strong

I second this. Proud owner of Samsung series 5 since 2010. Picture quality perfect,sound quality perfect (50watts sorround)

LG tackles all☑

samsung 32 inch tv will do but i am upgrading to sony soon

Picture quality ni Sony. Samsung hueka hata news Filters zinakaa kama snapchat