Best truck pic

[ATTACH=full]132356[/ATTACH] post your best truck pic…mine Actors 3340

kenworth truck 650 hp engine
[ATTACH=full]132361[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]132362[/ATTACH]

Actros 4144 8x8
Double steering hunibamba

shacman 6×4 380hp

sina picha

[ATTACH=full]132381[/ATTACH] Shacman. Hakunaga 380, huwa ni 375.
This is F2000 375 Horses strong.

Does this one count[ATTACH=full]132412[/ATTACH]

MAN TGX 26.540


Bedford miaka mingi zilifanya kazi

Baba Yao

VOLVO FH 16, anytime for me![ATTACH=full]132447[/ATTACH]

huku hakuna scania diehards

Interior better than what most people drive here.

Scania R730…sina picha

Msedes Benz Actros…

huwezi wacha VS :D:D:D:D:D
Halafu kwa truck what matters more? HP or torque?
naona sijui 400hp na hio ni kitu my LGT can hit with few mods. but the pulling capacity is incomparable o_O