best Tablet to buy for 35,000/-

Talkers tafasali. na kabudget kama haka nawesa pata nini? sina mbisha.

huwezi kosa jumia. I suggest you stick to a brand name like like samsung. Lakini im finding tablets arent that much useful. I would suggest utafute laptop poa. If you insist on swipping,

thanks @nairobilay

@nairobilay true, tablets arent useful if you have a laptop and a relatively good phone.

I know. i have a galaxy tab 2 which i barely use anymore, maybe just for reading comics when i dont feel like carrying my laptop.

A tablet is just a big phone.

IMHO tablets are wonderful little creatures. Especially when you’re feeling lazy to get out of bed on the weekend or you are on the run. Laptops are too bulky so are not comfortable. The screens on the cell phones make them uncomfortable to the eyes for prolonged browsing. :cool:
I’m the owner of a samsung galaxy tab 4.

do you find the tab 4 a little underpowered? Its actually just a tab 2 with a new skin and slightly better screen.
But anyway, luckily I have a macbook air. the weight of this thing is like holding a tablet and 4 times as versatile.

kwani what type of phone do you own? ama umezoea simu za kichinku?

I already told you I think you’re dumb so I will not be answering any of your questions

get the Lenovo S6000H hapo Avechi at around 29,000/=. thank me later later.

lenovo ukinunua make sure utoe superfish adware kwanza

So you get to use flash storage almost entirely. Is it for entertainment mainly or it handles heavy tasks too?

Its mainly for work. It does handle programs like photoshop and lightroom with no difficulty. I haven’t thrown anything really heavy at it though. The only thing is that 256gb hdd is easily used up. A lot of it by the system itself.

This is a good phone:
When i decide to get a new phone im either getting an OPO or nexus. Im seriously sick of samsung phones…


I’d recommend an iPad Mini 2 (not any different from 3) if you don’t mind its data exclusivity policy. The hardware is top notch and processing power is just enough. It’s also small enough to carry around bila shida.

Samsung and Lenovo tablets are also really good.

I have a HP 4540s laptop, that thing weighs a ton and it’s cumbersome to carry around all day. My iPad mini 2 comes in very handy when I’m moving about. The laptop only serves me for it’s processing power and transferring of data. I find representation much easier with a tablet. Then again I work in a lab that allows you to have tablets and not laptops.

I also have an HP laptop like that. The weirdest thing is that one day i shut it down, the next time i tried to boot up all i had was a black screen and a blinking cursor. I tried rescue discs etc. I couldnt access even the bios. Apparently there was some failure or the firmware didnt get an update…or god knows what. In the end, my keyboard, bluetooth and wifi radios just died.
It took a lot of chokoraing to get it to boot up again (to be honehst im not sure what i did exactly). It has been working till juzi when it refused to power on. Although im suspecting its just an electrical issue

photoshop gani hiyo bwana?

ADW cleaner ama Bitdefender adware removal tool