Best sex ever!

FWB ( friends with benefits ) only fucked up thing with this arrangements is when one of the both parties involved starts catching feelings. Nkt


Never ends well bro women got more than 10000 strings attached best alternative one night stand and never tap one pussy twice of course with protection and mek sure yu delete your number in her phone before bitch leaves !


whoever said the man should pay rent for exploring the pinkspace fucked (pun pun) up the world…

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FWB ni watamu sana

Nta comment hizi oldskul zikiisha.2pac,wutang,112,gunit,mace,game etc

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Kama mnatwangana na mtu lazma uskie some attachment. Its human. You cant tell me that nikija ni-DF your FWB partner mambo itakuwa poa. Unless you hated the whole episode of DF with her. About paying one way or another for it: Lipia pussy chief. Its never charity.

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i ma dry frying a FWB bila malipo…ako na nyenge ingine wazimu…kila wknd anataka jiti…three weeks now and bado sina feelings na yeye…but i think she is growing some serious feelings towards me.

Hutajitoa baba

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kubali yaishe, very soon atakuuliza umpeleka some small function around town na utaingizwa box bila hata kujua. Wanawake are bright; nimewahi jikuta box during pillow talk. There are some three words once uttered ni kama contract you cant “un-utter” them


Yu couldnt have said it better! Priceless

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Run to the hills bro

True. women are very manipulative creatures.

HOW Much FREE STUFF do you value?

A wise saying.:):):):slight_smile:

friendship, for one. but the pinkspace should be given and received freely for the best experience…

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Na biggie? alikuwa mzito pia

Run, brother, run!!!

not doing commitments any time ruins even the best of situations.dryfried a pal turnes into a commitment.lets just say everything went downhill from then on.sai ata hatuongei

its the best arrangement only if you(male) is dating/married. Dat way she will know how to limit her feelings