Best Sacco for home construction loan

Wadau which Sacco is the best for a home construction loan.

How much do they charge per year and does one require collateral

All saccos are good as their interest rates are fixed at 12%. Some saccos take collateral but if you dont have you can use guarantors, so join a sacco that you can get guarantors easily, you also need to have saved for over six months to qualify for a loan, the loan limit is usually 3-5 times your savings plus depends with your ability to repay…

Wachana na Sacco hizo vitu ni stress. Time ya loan you search guarantor unakosa. Save you build your own house. Anza na turoom tuwili. Piga plaster ukiwa ndani. In a no time pigsty itakuwa imeisha.

enda kussco watakupea loan waweke security on the property unabuild hakuna haja ya guarantors.this info stands corrected…enda kwa ofisi zao utashughulikiwaand their interest rate is below 10%

iyo info ni mzuri ya my neibor with land na hana za kujenga

Some Sacco’s are the worst kind of businesses around. They have a lot of hidden interests that they don’t tell you as they market their products and services.

Unakopeshwa savings zako na za ao marafiki wako guarantors. Its just the same as borrowing from friends.

what about insecurity. If im buidling a pigsty of 4 bedrooms but i build 2 bed si thugs will have a field day with me lol

Haina shida Bora ukuwe ndani. Jenga perimeter wall ya mabati. Kwanza hio utachunga vitu zako zisiibie na mafundi.