Best personal USD and GBP bank account in Kenya?

I am looking for a personal bank account with no or minimal ledger fees, bank charges or any maintainance fee. Currently looking at I & M but happy to get ideas from people who have these accounts. Purpose ni kupark a few coins in USD juu vile Nabii anatupeleka…wueh!

KCB USD Bank account ni swafi sana

Try SCB’s hifadhi current account in KES, USD and GBP

Just open a Binance Account.

Does it not have a monthly fee of $7?

Equity USD is the best because they have no monthly charges. Lastly, EazzyFX has very good FX rates incase you need to change money.

niko hapa travel card


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Stanbic, NCBA, SBM kwa huo mpangilio.

Hio Stanbic Bank maintenance fee ni ngapi? alafu iko na CARD?

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You’re better off just moving to the USA so you can earn your coins in dollars. Ukiwa na dollar account Kenya you’re still servicing it in KESH.


National Bank USD, no charges for savings account .

SBM group concluded the acquisition of the majority of assets and liabilities of Chase Bank Kenya Limited. Stanbic isn’t same as SBM

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The best USD bank is MAKING THOSE $$$ IN USA.

All the answers apa ni upuzi. Also, let me offer you some financial advice. You absolutely don’t want to open dollar accounts in Kenyan banks with the way things stand currently.

When Argentina/Ghana/Greece etc were on the verge of economic collapse (the way Kenya is headed), the first people to get punished were bank creditors (you, the depositor). Your savings get slashed by a percentage or even ALL OF YOUR MONEY GOES in the worst scenario.

The second best thing to do is open a foreign bank account in one of the stable countries like UK, Germany etc etc.


Got the absa travel card, wacha tuone vile kutaenda. Btw,doing GBP now instead of USD

There are two reasons you would need a USD/GBP denominated account in Kenya.

  1. For business reasons e.g paying suppliers etc. In this case, it makes perfect sense to have the accounts.
  2. To protect yourself from nabii’s government and the declining value of the Ksh. Here, you are only half-protected juu in the worst case scenario (when you need the dollars most), the government can forcefully convert your deposits to useless shillings. It has happened before in other countries like Argentina.

Make sense ONLY when receiving payments from outside the country in dollars.

Unaeza nunua USDT, BUSD or USDC.

How can I open a USd account in a developed country while still in Kenya?

Without flying there?