Best moto/superbike for windows

I am looking for a good superbike game for my PC. I only know of moto racer. Any other recommendations?
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Eh…moto racer is the only game i play on my fone…and bike racer!

I luved playing GTA coz of riding the bikes!

Road Rash


roadrash …hehehe

I remember playing RoadRash back in the year of our Lord 2003, we used to pay sh. 10 per 3 games, I was a horrible to say the least.

yawa hizo ni graphics za kaduda?

There was one where you race, whip each other, get busted by. a cop cled Insp. O’nielly, etc.

Someone gimme the name pls. My son would love it. Me too.

Yaani after nimeweka jina, mbicha ya watu wakipigana , na jina ya huyo cop, bado unauliza?

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thanks, n sorry. Hadnt seen that.
Download pap!

Road rash is an all time classic.its part of my retro games collection.