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Hello guys. I am looking for a MIFI that can be able to help me in my daily internet work. I want a MIFI that would be able to accommodate all the networks in Kenya (Safaricom, Airtel, JTL, Telkom etc) and one that has good network coverage especially in Mombasa. I have looked around and I have seen Huawei and Faiba. Can you recommend them? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Ongea na @unlockgeekz atakusaidia .


Consider spectrum allocation for the four providers. All the four operators offer 4g internet via band 20 (800Mhz) or 3 (1800mHz). Faiba 4g has an addition Spectrum-band 28 (700MHZ)- penetration rate hukuwa excellent for this. Ka Unaorder Amazon ana foreign online stores pay attention to FDD/TDD comformity to Kenyan CA standard. Recommend any huawei Mifi that supports FDD band 3 and 20. Hizo specs zingine ka number of devices it can connect, speeds, Ethernet port or battery capacity depends on your needs ama budget.

A complex answer to a simple question. You have not even answered

I have this and it works magic on all lines. Currently using faiba line

Model? Where to buy? How much?

Will this work.

Yes. Good deal

Yes long story, but for a reason. Faiba 4G used to work on band 28 only before CA gave them green light to use band Band 3 around late 2020. Since I had bought a MIFI that supports 700mhz, I can’t tell how the experience is right now when JTL have 2 4G spectrums at disposal. Mediocre infrastructure do hukuwa ngori Kenya. That 4G network might work perfectly on Safaricom but can be a frustrating experience on a different network using the same band. Besides, I did recommend Huawei brand.

The new faiba band has a very weak signal

They adopted the band 3 after realising band 28 wasn’t compatible with most smartphones handsets. Otherwise, line yao ingebaki kuwa ya bandwidth pekee and lose potential revenues from calls/messaging.

Yeap but airtel is now more reliable than faiba. The network is stronger and spread all over and they now have a better offer, 30GB for 1k while Faiba ni 25GB

They are trying to give Telcom Kenya a run for their money.

Yea, vita vya panzi furaha ya kunguru


Chukua BOLT mifi. Works with all lines. Dependable.

inawork na Faiba?

Upusss. Airtel wanakupea limited 1GB per day for 30days. 1GB ikiisha you wait for 24 hours ndio upate an additional 1 GB.