best horror films

Last year niliwatch movie fulani inaitwa IT, its about a killer clown. In my opinion it’s one of the best horror films ever made. So ktalk members what are some of your best horror movies?

Drag me to Hell, The Descent 1 & 2 zilinitishia saana.
Conjuring 2 was a massive fail

This was truly terrifying

Hehe… hujamwambia vipoa

Have been postponing watching that movie for some time. Will make time this week


The Evil dead

hans and grettel the witch hunters .

the last witch


  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 9. Halloween 8.Chucky 7. Conjuring 6. Dracula (1931) 5. The exorcist (legion - no 3, also 1) 4. Alien 3. The evil dead 2. Sinister 1. The fearless vampire killers OR Vampire’s ball(1976)

Wapi ile meffi ya gifs na memes ilete his meffi opinions

@Freakazoid leta mkoondu hapa

hii scene ilikuwa dope sana [ATTACH=full]149582[/ATTACH]

watu wa Wrong Turn wako wapi?

[ATTACH=full]149589[/ATTACH]best scene u know what happened to the finger :smiley:


shieet. that movie gave me nightmares nikiwa form 1

form 1 akina sparta wanapataa wet dreams wewe ni nightmares

Wrong turn 1 ilikua poa lakini hizo zingine ni fake

nani ako na link l can watch izi horror drag me to hell?

l was too young