Best Honeymoon destination in Kenya!

Majamaa saidieni hapa , nimekwama!

Talk to Masai Africa Safaris.

Congrats Bro…

May I suggest The fishing lodge in the Aberdares? its really cool and very private where you can enjoy quality time with your newly wedded wife. There is no network as well which for you i think is a good thing.

Its also very cheap…11K per day


Is the lack of network deliberate or a failure by the service providers?

By ‚Äėprivate‚Äô uyou mean uyou book the lodge all by yaself?

When you drive a private car , do you have all the road to yourself? Jinga nini?

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and did you not know you can book a the whole fucking lodge by yaself? maskini nini?

Even when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton he never had the whole Lodge to himself therefore your logic is irrelevant.

Irrelevant to ya own logical reasoning…you can also own the damn lodge…logic 1 a.k.a fuck off

The rich owners also never hog the whole premises when they are around just coz they own them. They got more business sense than that. You now see why you don’t own anything? You think like a poor man. I ferk off now.

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@Diffre na @Mathice pelekeni mashida zenyu ==================>>>> HUKOOO
Tunataka kujua @Necrow amemari pink handle mgani

@kush yule mnono. Si pink handle za klost thats for sure!

Its both…it does not make sense putting up a network mast in the Aberdares does it?

Yes you book the lodge all by yourself. …so no interference from other people. …very private and serene

congrats… tunza bibi

Congrats. Si unipatie kazi kama service provider for your big day? am reasonable

Iza weddin planner already sorted that out!

wacha nikuinbox. Maybe you might consider.

Wapi invite ya K-talk? tuje tushangilie ma-bridesmaids?