Best Home Internet Connection

Wadhii, which firm offers the best package for UNLIMITED home internet? Cost effectiveness is key. Thanks in advance.


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Are you sure?

If cost effectiveness is key I’d second Zuku, it may be a bit unstable in some areas of the city some of the time, but you can live with it…


for affordable unlimited nothing compares to zuku

Safaricom vuma

Thanks guys for the 411.

Zuku. I even watch sports with on it

With it or on it, ama unakaaga kwa sofa unaita zuku, ‘wewe kuja ukae hapa tuone sports?’


zuku ni poa especially in areas covered by its fibre optic network

“On it” or “via it”? Ama unachukuaga zuku na kuweka sports hapo juu?:stuck_out_tongue:

On it. Sirre:p:p:p:p:p:p

Prepositions and connectors:cool:

wapi English Aid?

who knows pple at zuku coz this guys are messing me up… need someone who can connect me asap. Can yall imagine the fiber cable passes by ma place and they can connect reason y ‘’ eti we are not yet live at your place’’ billshiet…

Zuku internet anytyme. The fiber one

I recommend Liquid Telecom. 2K per month, 2MBps upload, 1MBps download.

Na, ukipata internet yako, visit our site ili ustream TV. -

English just lost a life…