Best Decoder on the market

Villagers, what is currently the best decoder I can get in Nairobi ?. I’m not into Foot ball but love documentaries and Movies.


Karibu @Inthanite

Pay tv AMA FTA?


DVB-S2 (satellite) ama DVB-T2 (terrestrial).

you need to expound on those. Merits and de-merits. Specs of both will be most welcome.

Satellite: Thousands of channels including documentaries n movies. Expensive decoder. Complex setup (dish, LABs, etc)

Terrestrial: Local channels. Simple setup. Cheap decoders.

Boss you have the funniest profile photo.

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Dstv pap

hapa ngojea FTA band

dstv ni gani kati ya hizo umesema

I want to compare fat decoders such Strong and others pay ones like Humax , bien,skybox blah blanch … Not dstv,Zuku & Akina star times. I said my interest is Documentaries and movies. Even if I have to pay a reasonable monthly fee. ( Adam I have)

fta I meant. This autocorrect thinks I’m dumb ?

@Luther12 Terrestial

Thank you villager Luther12

Most welcome.