Best College

Hello people… Ni shule gani poa naeza jifunzia those short courses zenye related na it kama web design animation and graphics hapa CBD ama Thika…please not that nataka kuiva hizo staff si ati nataka cert so don’t recommended those schools zenye haja yao ni pesa tu…Asanteni


Tao niliwacha Shang Tao college ikisema pende ya animation, graphics and web design, unaweza jaribu Nairobi Institute of Technology pale westy, karibu na graffins college.

Thika hakuna usidanganywe na mtu.


Thanks sana …I’ll visit them and enquire

maybe you can also consider Nairobi Technical Training Institute.

If you don’t want a cert just go online for free online courses. Some are structured well. You only pay for cert if you want.

And of coz YouTube…ask Yego

Kul Graphics on Mombasa Road are really good but damn expensive.