Best churches

Hey people, i have decided to change my kunguru ways and get a woman for a serious thing,
which are the best churches for potential wife material ladies in Nairobi???

How is CITAM valley road?

All ye breed of vipers

Mtakutana tu na malaya wenzako huko mkiwa mnatafutana…at ‘husband/wife material’ mefffff!!..



boss am going to get preached to kesho at church, usianze saa hii

u think u dodged a bullet by hitting a prostitute raw?
no such thing
penile and oral cancer are coming from the 300 strands of hpv u acquired
u did the crime
now serve the time

my brother, that was over 8yrs ago

Church ladies are the worst…too much hypocrisy


Umalaya yenye iko huko…

Leta hekaya omwami, tumefunga leso

Mambo ya kanisa uliza Duke wa Githurai he is an usher in Kanjii Buguas church

Try JCC Parklands , i used to before nisikie kiuna akisema unafaa utolee dem tithe, nikahama

DC Umoja ya JB Masinde hapa uko fiti. Back to basics my fren. Na uingie bible study ama any of the standing groups yenye wanawake ni wengi . Tingisha mpesa yangu sasa.

The thing that shocks me is rich women actually look for husbands in church. Note: they look at the car you drive, who you go to church with, your family, where you live,na kadalika.
Malaya ni Malaya: Bar nî church or work or long haul flight.

CITAM iko chonjo… Be, however, ready to wait for sex till the night of your nuptials. You will get the highest ratios of virgins over 30 years at CITAM churches.

Valley of God river road 100% recommendeshen

Hii nyang’au inafikiri kunguru haziendangi kanisa.